Insight can help you manage the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement.

A simple, flexible agreement for better value.

The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) can be paid for up-front or annually, including cloud subscriptions for the number of required users with the flexibility to migrate on your schedule. Choose from annual or multi-year agreement lengths—prices for multi-year contracts are locked in for its full subscription length.

Licenses purchases through an MPSA subscription can mass deploy using a variety of different methods.

Choose your deployment method.

MPSA can be deployed on-premises; in the cloud; or by creating a hybrid environment. It allows for quick and easy provisioning of cloud services, with a minimum of setup effort, and progression from initial agreement to usage within hours. After activation, you will be able to manage and track everything purchased via MPSA in one single place.

MPSA can cover many purchasing accounts, combining their points to unlock discounts.

Who should opt for MPSA?

MPSA is recommended for commercial, public sector and academic organisations looking to take advantage of cloud and on-premises software without committing organisation-wide. Companies spanning multiple business sectors (e.g. commercial and education) can now cover both types under one agreement.

One agreement can cover an entire organisation, with the ability to subdivide into Purchasing Accounts which then accrue points to enable discounts and price level adjustments to benefit the organisation as a whole.

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