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hk.insight.com offers free self-management tools that simplify technology purchasing, saving you time and money.

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When you create an account on hk.insight.com, you gain access to customised solutions that streamline purchasing — from selection and custom configuration through to inventory, invoice and software license management.

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Empower your team to make a quick purchase.

With e-commerce, you can set up an account and buy directly through au.insight.com. We'll tailor catalog content to your organisation’s corporate or divisional standards. You can configure standards and catalogues by department, job role or user profile.

E-commerce benefits and tools

  • Quick shopping
  • Catalog customisation
  • Company standards
  • Online reporting
Let your employees choose thier devices

Customise the buying experience and approval workflow.

Gain greater control over the buying experience with our Procurement Portal. Let your employees purchase technology using our out-of-the-box functionality. Or we can customise our portal to match your organisation’s criteria, requirements and security standards.

Procurement benefits and tools

  • Single interface for purchasing
  • Approval workflow
  • SmartTrackers for capturing custom data
  • Simplicity and control
  • Software tools
Procurement portal catalog customization

Simplify your purchasing processes.

With access to a plethora of customisable online tools, Insight's online services can put you in complete control of all stages of the purchasing process, from initial product browsing through to purchase activity reporting and post-sales invoice and proof of purchase retrieval. Full interaction with Insight's backend allows you to combine your online experience with expert consultation from our Account Managers where required, whilst maintaining full independence over your purchase strategy.

ERP integration

If your organisation manages its business using solutions such as SAP, Oracle or the Ariba Supplier Network, you will be able to profit from a direct integration with Insight's online services. Our core online functionality is available to clients as a punchout catalogue, and we support nearly all EDI and B2B document standards for purchase orders.

Our experienced eCommerce Project Managers will fully assist you with the integration, from the initial gathering of requirements through development, testing and post-go-live support.

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