Infographic: Your Complete Office in the Cloud

14 May 2018

Now, more than ever, technology is not only supporting the business, it’s becoming the business. Learn how the cloud office solutions in Microsoft® Office 365®, available from Insight, will empower you to grow your business.

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Infographic displaying Your Complete Office in the Cloud options and how they can empower your business. Accessibility below

Maximize your Microsoft investment.

Insight will help you unlock the full potential of your Microsoft investment with customizable licensing options and end-to-end product support.

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Your Complete Office in the Cloud

A guide to growing your business with Office 365 solutions

Microsoft Office 365 offers mobile, collaborative and productive cloud tools you need to grow your business and connect your workforce. Insight helps you maximize your IT investment with customized onboarding, implementation and support services.

Insight can be an extension of your IT team with everything from help desk, migration and deployment support to consulting on implementation and software lifecycle management.

Moving to the cloud

  • Office 365
    Office 365 offers the apps you know and love: Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Outlook®, OneNote®, OneDrive® Publisher and Microsoft Access®. Everything you need for home, school and work.
  • Windows 10
    Reliable and powerful, Windows® 10 will help your business boost mobility, security and productivity.
  • OneDrive
    OneDrive makes the work you do available to you from anywhere — and to others when you collaborate or share.

Data and operations management

  • Intelligence and analytics

    Easy-to-use live data monitoring and in-depth personal and organizational analysis tools let you discover new stories in your data – with even more interactive reports, simpler dashboards and compelling data visualizations.

  • Collaboration and mobility

    Empower your teams to stay connected and productive anywhere. View and edit documents on the go with Office 365 mobile apps. Securely view, co-author, and share files in the cloud. Access content, conversations, tasks, and schedules from any device.

  • Security

    Protect your organization from malware and viruses with Advanced Threat Protection and Cloud App Security — with enhanced visibility into Office 365 usage and security incidents. Gain built-in privacy, transparency and refined user controls.

Solution licensing programs

  1. Modern Workforce Solutions — Office 365 bundles
    With Insight’s Modern Workforce Solutions, all Office 365 subscriptions are included in the basic bundle along with 24/7 IT support. This solution integrates service offerings with Microsoft cloud services and delivers end-user product support.
  2. Enterprise Agreement

    This manageable volume licensing program offers the flexibility to buy cloud services and software licenses under one agreement.

  3. Microsoft Products and Services Agreement

    This is designed to give businesses the flexibility to license on-premise software and cloud services as needed — under a single, non-expiring agreement.

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